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Volunteer Hero - Emma Saunders

Emma has been volunteering ever since she left high school. She’s volunteered countless hours over a staggering 25 years in a wide variety of organisations.

She’s worked with local countryside rangers, The Prince’s Trust and The Duke of Edinburgh programme where she’s assisted with many tasks including teambuilding activities, organising community projects and preparing young people for expeditions with navigational skills and planning.

“I love working with young people and communicating with them. It’s great to see them build confidence and I also love the skills it gives me as well,” said Emma.

Currently, Emma has used her vast volunteering experience to support a local primary school as part of the PTA, and for four years acted as its treasurer.

Most recently, Emma has become an assistant scout leader at Bispham (8th Wigan) and also lends her artistic skills and knowledge at a local art studio when she helps out invigilating at exhibitions.

She added: “I like being busy and having something to do. I enjoy having that network with adults which has helped me to gain more knowledge which I find very valuable.”

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