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NCFE ( is an educational charity and leader in vocational and technical learning with a 170+ year history in the sector.
As the third biggest technical and vocational awarding organisation in the UK, in the last year alone they have worked with around 4,500 providers, registered nearly 10,000 apprentices and carried out over 1.3m assessments in the post-16 employability and skills sector. Their purpose is to promote and advance learning, empowering a fairer society through smarter learning solutions. This means helping more individuals to realise their true potential - in turn delivering sustainable communities.

Volunteering has been shown to increase learners’ sense of wellbeing, as well as develop a wider set of skills and experiences, as they gain fulfilment from the contribution that they are making. Good for ME Good for FE’s vision aligns with NCFE’s core purpose; by working in partnership, we can provide more social action opportunities for learners who would not otherwise have access to them, ensuring that no learner is left behind.
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